Apostolos & Monos (The Lonely Postman)

Production Design & Costume Design

TV Series: Apostolos & Monos (The Lonely Postman)

Mr. Apostolos is a postman in a small region of Macedonia. What determines his relations with the inhabitants is his passion for watching their lives through their correspondence, opening their letters. Martha, the village teacher, who reminds him of Maria, his first love, has a dead-end love with Alekos. Apostolos mimics his graphic character and writes that letters, checking their sending and receiving. When Alekos comes to the village to meet Martha, accepting his blame, Apostolos gets crazy. How many of theese will come to light now? Every trace has to be burned. He puts in flames the post office, burning together his hidden life, his passions and mistakes.



Nikos Kavoukidis, Giorgos Michalokopoulos


Spyros Papadopoulos

Production Co.:

New Greek Television (NET)