...Ystera, Irthan oi Melisses (And then Came the Bees)

Production Design

TV Series: ...Ystera, Irthan oi Melisses (And then Came the Bees)

Those who have undertaken to play the role of God have also begun the process of their very own death, a punishment of their memories. The death of a person from a wet, deceptive past, turbulent and terrifying, remains clinging to the late 1940s. That was when Marika Suez’s troupe went mad and indulged in the healing baths of a war torn and ravaged Greece. For Stathis, who was almost sixty, like a surviving hero from a Clint Eastwood movie, it was all a mystery. His nonchalant manner, indifferent and self confident in his present day, he had continued to publish a magazine on beekeeping which is part of a chain reaction causing him to transform into fearful individual of a deliberately forgotten period of time. This is perhaps, the most out of control and unbearable time of his life.

Full of passion, violence without reason, love and rhetorical performances such as “Our Lady Punishes the Kremlin”, in the eyes of a young boy who was eager to grow up, we see the complex puzzles of life. Glancing into the “healed” past can be dangerous, what is dangerously forgotten is remembered by winds of truth and hysterical feelings of love, hatred and the great nostalgia to return, that is just under the surface of a restless sleep.



Kostas Koutsomytis


Vangelis Katritzidakis

Production Co.:

New Greek Television (NET)